Low Profile & U-Shaped Scissor Lift Table (Finnish)

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Features & Benefits

  • Mains electric powered.
  • Extremely low closed height eliminating the need for pit installation to load and unload the pallet onto the table.
  • U-Shaped model requires no lifting ramp.
  • Safety cut-off bar to avoid the crushing of goods and protect operators.

CHEP / GKN Pallet

Model NumberMax Load (kg)Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm)Min. Height (mm)Lift Time (S)Motor (kW)Weight (kg)
E3000 600kg1,500 x 800800mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E3001600kg1,610 x 800970mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E30021,000kg1,200 x 800750mm100mm211.5kW240kg
E30041,000kg1,500 x 1,000800mm80mm211.5310kg
E30051,000kg1,610 x 800970mm80mm211.5kW290kg

EURO Pallet

Model NumberMax Load (kg) Platform L x W (mm)Stroke (mm) Min. Height (mm)Lift Time (S)Motor (kW)Weight (kg)
E7000600kg1,500 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E7001600kg1,610 x 1,100mm970mm80mm211.5kW210kg
E70021,000kg1,500 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70031,000kg1,610 x 1,100mm800mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70041,000kg1,610 x 1,100mm970mm80mm211.5kW270kg
E70051,500kg1,500 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70061,500kg1,610 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70071,500kg1,610 x 1,300mm970mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70082,000kg1,500 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70092,000kg1,610 x 1,300mm800mm100mm221.5kW310kg
E70102,000kg1,610 x 1,300mm970mm100mm221.5kW310kg